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Events & Parties

Pure Kitchen Catering specializes in creating the perfect fusion of food, service and environment. Whether gorgeous buffet spreads, full service plated dinners (with or without wine pairings), creative 

hors d'oeuvres or food action stations, were comfortable with guest counts from 15 - 500. From casual and eclectic to formal elegance, Pure Kitchen will meet and exceed your event service expectations.

Pure Kitchen is happy and able to help with any type of event, whether a memorable social gathering or a corporate affair. We specialize in crafting events that celebrate your uniqueness and reflect your personality from the initial planning stages to 'day of'.    We are here to help.

 No Kitchen. No Problem.

We're an experienced on-site caterer and expect to be making handcrafted food in unique locations. Our detailed planning and extensive experience means  your 'meal in the field' will taste as if you were in a top restaurant (with million dollar view).

We have mobile kitchen equipment trailers, and everything needed to prepare and serve a fantastic meal...wherever you are.

Wedding Celebrations

Pure Kitchen Catering will guarantee your guests a fabulous culinary experience uniquely styled for the tastes of the bride and groom.  We use locally sourced seasonal ingredients and prepare all of our items in-house from scratch. Our presentations are simple, elegant and beautiful and our food is delicious.

In choosing Pure Kitchen Catering, you can rest assured that on you chosen date, your wedding will be our top priority. 

We will Always:

 + help develop your vision

 + assist in finding a venue

 + help in determining your budget

 + creating a menu to fit your taste and style

 + help in selecting wines and bar service 

 + coordinating rental needs

 + drafting a schedule for site inspections, meetings and execution

 + providing experienced and well trained staff

Gourmet Vacations

Are you coming down to The Island this year? 

Let Pure Kitchen elevate your experience with a 'real' taste of the Island.

Are you renting a cottage, AirBnB or maybe just decompressing at  your summer home.  We've got you sorted with bespoke menus for your:

 + family reunions

 + golf vacations

 + fishing adventures

 + brunch with the family

 + Island inspired family BBQs

 + Celebration of Life

 +and more


Menu Planning & Style of Service

We believe your menu should be as unique as you and your guests. We love learning your story, food preferences, and what type of experience you want to create. For the most part we custom write your menu based on your input.

Nom pressure though.  We have tons of ideas to run past you.  We will provide exactly what you need to realize your vision and assist you in the planning process making sure nothing is left to chance.

Pure Kitchen can accommodate full service plated meals, family style platters, sumptuous buffets well as food stations, standing receptions and cocktail parties. 

We can even do hybrid styles of service - How about Family Style salads and artisanal bread to start - a Plated Main Course of your choice and then finish with a Dessert Station or, tea? Absolutely.- how about a cocktail hour prior to your wedding dinner - Check!. - Late Night Food to keep the party rolling on full tummy?  Done!              We will organize your event to roll out exactly how you envision it.

Holding Your Date & Timeline

Once we have received your inquiry, we will be in touch within 24 hours days to make confirm our availability.  If the date is available, we’d love to schedule a no pressure, get acquainted call with you to discuss your vision.

Note on Weddings:  In many cases, we are contacted a year or more in advance for wedding date reservations. We can usually accommodate multiple events over a weekend, but the availability for Saturdays in the summer months is quite limited.Its best to inquire with as much advance notice as possible.

 In all cases we will start with an initial proposal based upon our consultation with you. This is where the fun starts.

You don't need to feel pressured to make a firm decision on your menu right away.  Once we have your  basic information in place - date - approximate number of guests - style of service - food preferences and budget, we can proceed with a quote...bearing in mind we can 'tweak' things until we hit that sweet spot right up until 3 weeks prior to your event. Although, it rarely takes that long....sometime people want to explore new options. All good.

If everything 'feels right' and meets with your approval, we will put together a formal quote and contract outlining our services and the details surrounding your event.   A signed contract and 50% deposit are due before the date is reserved for you.  Once we have received the signed contract and deposit, you're 'locked in'.  We are available prior to your event for any questions or  modifications you may have, and re-confirm the rentals arrangement,  bar service as necessary and any extra services (such as late night food) you may wish to add.


Writing custom menus for every event makes it difficult to organize tastings.  Most banquet halls and venues with in-house catering  are working from a tried and true 'playbook'.  This makes it easy for them to offer examples as they always have those menu items in stock.   We source the ingredients for your menus from local producers just prior to your event - this is how we can offer the best of what is available seasonally - and ultimately the best, freshest local produce.  The cost and time to do a tasting ahead of time isn't practical and many ingredients may not be available.  That isn't a Hard No though.  If you are in town and would like to organize a testing of the main course and/or starters, we can do that understanding that it will be a reasonable facsimile- not identical to what you are going to enjoy on your day of.  From Mid-June - October we are, unfortunately too busy to accommodate these requests.  Prices vary depending on the menu items and number of tasters.


We work with a variety of rental and event companies based on the venue and the client's needs.  We do not generally offer rental coordination for tents, lighting, stages, and dance floors (that is normally handled by the client) but we will always assist you in choosing any food and beverage related equipment that may be necessary to execute your event (i.e. tableware, linens & barware, hot holding and cooking equipment.  With the exception of rentals coming from our inventory - you can do the petals yourself or leaver it to use and it will appea on your quote/invoice.  The is basically no different in price. We just want to make sure that everything needed is accounted for.

Your rentals are very much dependant on your menu/style of service, and location.  A tented wedding in a farm field or by the water may require additional items to make everything work. This will all be discussed early on in the process so there aren't no suprises.

We will ensure all rentals are accounted for and properly returned when the event is over. If a wedding planner or day of coordinator is hired for the occasion and is involved in rentals, we need to be kept in the loop to make sure everything is in place. This is second nature to us, but not necessarily for others.  Everything needs to be there on the day.  There no fixing things at 6PM on a Saturday..

Types of rentals we coordinate: glassware, silverware, plates, linens, refrigeration, remote cooking equipment, hot holding, catering tents, kitchen trailers, generators, etc.

Alcohol & Beverage Service

We have a number of options for handling all of your bar service needs.

All of our bar services include set up and tear down of the bar, reconciling all rental barware and packing up and storing all left over alcohol and empties. These services can be as basic or comprehensive  as is desired.  

Pure Kitchen provides all the non alcoholic beverages served on site.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

It is a given that there are special dietary considerations, allergies/intolerances and   ifestyle choices with many of our clients and their guests.

Pure Kitchen specializes in customized menus that allow for dietary requirements to be met without compromising taste or quality. Whether it is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free/wheat free, or allergies, PKC is happy to work with you and your guests’ needs. Many of our dishes can be modified to meet many dietary requirements - just ask!

PLEASE NOTE: Gluten Free (gf) does NOT mean it certified gluten free - trace amounts of gluten may be present due to cross contamination prior to our receiving the product - this is almost never the case - but for those with celiac disease or anaphylaxis, again,  GF does not mean certified gluten free - It is the client’s responsibility to communicate any special dietary needs of their guests in advance. We are extremely careful and do not take your guests dietary conditions lightly, but we cannot guarantee allergen-free food for those who have life-threatening conditions.  

Guest Count

PKC must be notified by you (or your wedding planner) of any significant changes to your guest count. If the numbers drop by 20% or more, it may be necessary to recalculate the price per head. The final guest count is required 21 days prior to your event. If the guest count increases, the balance of the guest count will be added to your final invoice. For your peace of mind of you an and to ensure no embarrassing situations, please notify us of any changes. We self-insure by bringing more portions than ordered, but you cant count on that to cover discrepancies of more than a couple of extras or potential accidents/guests insisting on a different main course choice. Seems simple, but it is sometimes overlooked....we've got you covered though. We're pretty good on the reminders.

Wedding Cakes & Cake Cutting

We don't make wedding cakes at Pure Kitchen, but we are happy to make a few recommendations.. . If you decide that you would like to serve your wedding cake (or a slab cake) for dessert, we will assist with the plating and offer several deliciously matched accompaniments i.e. - premium  chocolate ganache, marinated berries, creme chantilly, gelato, fruit coulis, custard sauces, lemon curd, fresh fruit, etc. There is a nominal fee for cake cutting & plating and accompaniments range from $3 & up deciding on your choice(s).

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