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The Perfect Picnic

So,what is a Perfect Picnic?

We happen to think that the combination of awe-inspiring  locations, natural ambience, great company and super fresh regional foods are a perfect description for just that. The Perfect Picnic.

Parks Canada (PEI) has partnered with Pure Kitchen Catering to provide the quintessential PEI outdoor dining experience featuring 100% locally raised, grown, harvested & produced food items thoughtfully combined to  create some uniquely local flavour. We provide the food and Parks Canada proviedes the view.

The perfect synthesis of the senses...a  deliciously  PEI experience.


North Shore ‘Less is More’ Vegan and Gluten Free Picnic

  • Roasted PEI new potato salad with marinated local mushrooms, peas and fresh herbs

  • Anne's Land Green Salad with organic lettuces, French green beans, grilled vegetables, tomatoes, almond fauxmage, olives, and basil vinaigrette

  • Seasonal fruit

  • Bottled water

  • $22.50 per person + tax

Plow Match Platter

  • Local farmhouse cheeses

  • Locally cured and smoked meats

  • Freshly baked artisanal breads

  • Housemade mustard pickles and condiments

  • Fresh fruit 

  • Bottled water

  • $22.50 per person + tax 

The Mariners Repast

  • Acadian bar clams and crackers

  • Smoked mackerel or salmon with onions, capers, lemon and dill

  • Traditional PEI potato salad with hard-cooked farm eggs

  • Locally made cheeses

  • Pure Kitchen butter tart

  • Bottled water

  • $22.50 per person + tax

Ordering, Pickup & Delivery

  • Orders can be placed at any time through this website only, although customers must indicate the date for which the meals are requested. A minimum of 2 hours notice is required

  • Meals can be picked up between 9AM and 1PM from Pure Kitchen Catering - Picnins will be delivered to your car at 403 University Avenue Charlottetown (Shoppers Drug Mart( parking lot - please park at the south end) Our property bordersthe parking lot.

  • When you have arrived Call us at 902 393 2468 and we will bring it right out to you.

  • Meals can be delivered throughout PEI  through our local courier partner

  • Charlottetown deliveries carry a fee of $6 payable to the driver upon delivery

  • Outside of Charlottetown (the Charlottetown Arterial Highway being the border) will cost, roughly,an additional fee of $1 per kilometer i.e. Cavendish is $35, Stanhope is about $30.

  • Please indicate delivery when ordering along with your name, the delivery address, room #, campsite #.. Delivery hours are the same as pickup hours. 

  • Orders will be confirmed by email.  If you do not have a confirmation your order has not been processed.  Please make sure to check for your confirmation email to avoid disappointment. This has never happened before with us, but we dont want there to be a first time!

Additional Information


Although we are extremely concerned & mindful of peoples  food allergies and intolerances and procure our products from like minded quality producers, we cannot guarantee that foods have not come into contact with allergens through the possibility of cross contamination prior to our working with them.

This has not been a problem for us in the past and we are proud to say that, but we are obliged to mention it all the same.

Please mention any concerns you have when you are ordering so we can do our best for you and yours.  

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