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Sometimes We Cook Really Amazing Meals in Really Amazing Locations...Just Because.

Prince Edward Island is an amazingly beautiful location and as such we are blessed with such amazing product and equally awe- inspiring locations to enjoy it. 

Have you ever enjoyed a meal under the stars in a grove of Butternut Trees?

Would you enjoy a lobster brunch on a 100 year old wharf with the salt air kissing your cheek?

These are the kind of things we like to do.

Whenever we get a chance to partner with a local farmer, fisher or forager we go "all in".

Nothing is more satisfying than eating shellfish a few meters from where it was harvested...only hours before. Yup. We're pretty lucky.

We like to 'edify' our producers, as we should. We also love to give our guests a chance to meet these local heros as well. We like to think of them as our co-hosts. Sound good to you?

So, whether you are visiting from another province, country or just love food the way we do, sign up for our notifications. There is so much to enjoy. Lets get together and, as they say "have a time". 

And just in case you are looking for a private event in one of our One OFF locations ...yes, we do that too. What could be better than your own private slice of the beautiful 'Ile - du - Prince 


with as much luxury or rustic charm as suits your occasion.

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